VB, starcraft, writing, battle royale, my back.

Just woke up. I am so glad I decide to call off all arrangements that I had.

Anyway, I’m gonna try and learn VB coding (visual basic) since I managed to learn FreeBasic a while back so it can’t be too difficult. In fact I might try and find the same tutorial i used for FB since the guy actually moves on to VB eventually. I always thought you couldn’t get VB freeware but it’s actually in MS Access which is pretty cool.

I want to find Starcraft somewhere since it seems like something I would adore so much. Though to be fair Starcraft 2 comes out 27.07.10 so I might just look at a few gameplay videos, maybe a review or two, then get that. I’ll ponder it some more.

I really need to write more actually so getting a game might not be a great idea. I’m about 12 pages into a hand written story, 12 pages is a lot for me since I normally write short stories, and I am typing it up before I move on. I have a few extra pages on the pad I’m writing it on though before it gets to the next section so I’m gonna have to finish the section, I think after that I’ll post it to here and Deviant Art to get a feel for peoples opinions of it before continuing.

I picked up Battle Royale to take in holiday with me which may or may not result in me not trusting and eventually killing my family, I kinda hope I don’t but meh. This does however mean that I need to leave fear and loathing in las vega alone for a week or finish it in a day, I doubt the latter very much.

I’m concerned about my back for this holiday since it burned really badly a few weeks ago if that. So I may have to keep my shirt on or absolutely cover my back in suncream, neither option sounds appealing.